Round two at the new plant nursery

After a bit of a tough week I went to my new favorite nursery again. Last week they had hundreds of succulents. Today they had thousands. I snapped a few pics of (only some of) the tables with baby cacti, one with small succulents and a pic with giant fully grown cacti. They all looked so healthy!

I wasn’t about to fill every corner of my apartment with cacti, now that I decided to get rid of some of mine. Even though I love succulents, I really started to feel like they took over my apartment. But the people that know me, know that I can’t just watch them and leave without buying a plant or two.

Unfortunately I spotted a pallet with Hoya bella, one of the Hoya I didn’t already own. And they were all flowering! You can see why it’s also called a wax plant. The flowers look like they’re made of wax or bubblegum. And they smell really sweet.

Last time I was there I spotted a Peperomia hope with perfectly round window leaves. I’ve been thinking about buying this plant since last week. So it went with me home as well ❤️

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