Repotting my Bear’s Paw

I think maybe it was time to repot my Cotyledon tomentosa (Bear’s paw). I bought it a couple of years ago when it was a lot smaller and I never really got around to changing its pot. It looked kind of cozy in its old pot, but the root ball had filled out every inch on the inside. What looks like a pot in the first picture is actually the root ball.

Cotyledon tomentosa are usually a bit of a hassle to repot. They don’t sting you like cactus – they’re actually very soft and fluffy – but the leaves break off if you even think about touching them. This one wasn’t very hard to repot, though. I only had to stick a finger up the drainage hole of the pot and that loosened the whole root ball in one go. I had to break the root ball up, just a tiny bit, to make sure there was enough surface area to help them grow outwards into the fresh, new soil. This time I added a lot more organic potting soil. They must have been starving as the old soil (there wasn’t much left) couldn’t have contained that many nutrients, even after I fertilized it.

It now lives in a slightly larger pot until it outgrows it. Maybe I shouldn’t wait another two years this time.

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