Pseudolithos cubiformis, 2 years + 9 months

A very square Pseudolithos enjoying the sun.

I check on him every day, worrying about every single change in appearance. Growing these is such a nerve-wracking experience. I’ll make sure to post a pic of the plant when/if it does die in my care. This has been such a success so far and I won’t let it be forgotten like my other unsuccessful experiments.

This Pseudolithos is now exactly 5 cm wide, measured from one corner to the opposite. I water approx. once every 2 weeks, but hold back on the fertilizer. The little bumps on top of the plant are turning light green and grow much faster than the rest of the plant. It is cloudy 6-7 days a week, so some of my plants, including the Pseudolithos, are a tiny bit etiolated.

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