Pilea care guide

My biggest Pilea is doing exceptionally well at the moment. It’s growing very quickly and keeps sending out pups, making it the most decorative plant in my apartment. The stem itself is 25 cm tall right now.

I noticed that the guys I gave my pups to didn’t know how to take care of a Pilea, so I made a little guide on how to not kill them:

Watering: Keep your Pilea evenly moist, letting the soil dry slightly between watering. The leaves start to droop if they’re desperate for water.

Pots: Pileas grow very quickly and need to be repotted once they outgrow the one they’re in. When you notice that the soil dries out way too quickly, it’s time for a repot. The pot needs to be about an inch larger than the last. I use terra-cotta, but plastic pots are fine. Just make sure there’s a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

Soil: Potting soil with a bit of grit (perlite, pumice or tree bark) is fine.

Light: Don’t place your plant in direct sunlight, but not in darkness either. Indirect sun only. A north or east facing window (northern hemisphere) is okay. Or you can place them further back in the room if you only have south facing windows, like I did.

Pups: Pileas pup. They pup a lot. My mother plant produced around 30 pups in its lifetime. I kept one (the one in the picture), which produced another 30 pups. They root very easily and most basal pups already have roots when you remove them. If not, take a clean knife and cut the stem below the soil line. I usually place mine in a 5 cm plastic pot with moist soil immediately after removing it. The leaves start to perk up when they have developed roots about a week or two later.

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