Adenium obesum, 2 weeks old

The Adenium obesum seedlings are now 2 weeks old. 6 seedlings have sprouted so far. Two of the seeds ended up having some sort of mold on them and unfortunately they died off before they germinated.

I have now moved them from the grow lights to my south facing window to avoid any etiolation. I want fat little seedlings, not lanky ones.

Robin and cherry blossoms

I accidentally ordered way too much pink acrylic paint and had to think of ways to use the three tubes I received. One of the first ideas I had was to make a cute little painting of a robin in a cherry blossom tree. It worked out well, I think. Unfortunately, I still have three entire tubes of pink paint left.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.

Lithops in spring

My store bought Lithops (bought in early 2016) are still hanging in there after another winter on my balcony. I watered them last week and they plumped up nicely. I may be able to water them once more in spring before the warm weather sets in. If not, they will survive just fine for the next 6 months without water.

I really love the bright, almost white Lithops, even though they’re slightly etiolated from the lack of sun. When the sun shines behind them, the top of the plant looks almost see through.

Stapelia grandiflora, 3 years + 4 months

All of my seed grown Stapelia grandiflora have survived the winter outdoors on the balcony. The weather has been gentle on my plants this year, and even though they haven’t seen much sun, they are all perfectly fine. Now it’s officially spring. It won’t be long until I can safely water my plants again without the risk of rot.

I just had to include an old picture of these pretty guys from August 2017, showing how tiny they were 3 years ago. I’m glad they’re still here. It’s amazing how much just 5 seedlings can multiply, too.

Hildewintera colademononis and Selenicereus validus

So of course I bought a new plant again. And it’s a whopper, too. The first cactus in the new wall planter (bought the planter today as well) is my old Hildewintera colademonosis and the second one is my new Selenicereus validus. I thought these would go great together on my balcony, since they’re both hanging cacti and need similar care.
The flowers on Selenicereus are huge and spectacular and I can’t wait to see them. It blooms at night, which means I will be home to witness it, even though the flowers only last for a couple of hours.

A little sunshine for my babies

We finally had a few moments of sun during the weekend, so I could enjoy it with my plant buddies. The Hoya ladder has stopped growing for now, but it still looks pretty and green in the corner of my living room. These Hoyas did well this winter compared to pretty much every other Hoya I own. Most of my plants have lost way too many leaves because of the lack of light and humidity (the radiators underneath my windows remove humidity from the air).

Adenium obesum germination

The Adenium obesum “double flower hybrid” have started to germinate, too! Things are taking their time in my little mini greenhouse. Only one seedling has popped up so far, 1,5 weeks after the seeds were sown.
But look how adorable it is! I think I accidentally made it look a bit wonky by planting the seed vertically instead of horizontally. The roots came out the top of the seed and it had to turn 180 degrees to reach the soil, which resulted in a bent stem. It’s currently correcting itself by growing towards the grow lights.