Monilaria moniliformis, 3 years + 6 months (repotting session)

Even more seedlings have woken up and the bunny ears grow longer every day. Right now the temperature drops to 3-7 degrees Celsius at night (it’s a couple of degrees warmer on my glass covered balcony), which is perfect for my winter growing succulents.

I realized that even though the Monilaria are growing bigger and seem to be thriving, a lot of them have died off this summer. The pot became slightly too big for the remaining plants, increasing the odds of rot. So I found this small terra-cotta pot and very carefully dug up my Monilaria and replanted them in the same old soil (diatomaceous earth cat litter). Hopefully they’re happier now.

Astrophytum asterias “super kabuto”, 3 years + 6 months

I’ve been growing cacti from seeds for a few years now and not all of them have been a success. This Astrophytum asterias “super kabuto” is now 3,5 years old, but it still looks like a tiny seedling. Its growth stalled entirely when it was a couple of months old and it never really caught up. Recently it decided to grow again from the top of the stalled growth and I’m happy about that. Let’s just see how long I get to keep this straggler.

Finally some flower buds on my huge Hoya australis!

The gigantic Hoya australis I bought from a private seller a year ago finally developed flower buds! I guess it thrives in its new home after having been acclimatized from staying in low light to full sunlight. While acclimatizing to its new surroundings, it got a few sunburns here and there and it survived a traumatic repotting session to give the roots more space to grow. Now it grows even faster than before, rewarding me with flower buds on some of its new vines. I’ll update with pics of the flowers when/if they bloom in a couple of weeks.

Hoya imbricata

The strangest Hoya in my collection. Hoya imbricata develops one leaf at a time instead of two and if grown next to a wall or another plant, the leaves will hug the wall like a sticky pancake. Mine are currently taco shaped because they haven’t had anything to grow up against until now. So I’m training it to grow up my Monstera deliciosa.