My Pinguicula “Tina” (Mexican Butterwort)

My Pinguicula “Tina” (Mexican Butterwort) is currently in its winter non-carnivorous stage (second pic) and I decided to try and propagate some of its leaves. The last couple of years I had big problems with fruit flies and gnats, so I’m going to place a Ping or two in every window. These things are savage when it comes to catching little bugs! The first pic is my Ping a couple of years ago during a bad fruit fly infestation.

You can propagate these just like succulents, but the leaves like to be kept in a humid environment. I picked a few leaves during the plant’s non-carnivorous stage, placed them on top of some moist soil (osmosis/rain water works best) without fertilizer, bagged them and placed them under my grow lights. 
A week later I saw the first root poke out and now, 2 months in, most of the leaves have grown cute little clones of the mother plant!

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