More Hoyas!

There are Hoyas in my collection, which I never really took that many pictures of. My Hoya lacunosa ‘Eskimo’ sort of died off for a while before I found the one place it could thrive in my apartment. Apparently it hates staying anywhere but the mini-greenhouse I use to nurse Hoyas back to health. The little greenhouse provides high humidity and slightly less light than what most other Hoyas prefer. I guess I can only enjoy the sight this one when I’m taking it out to take pictures of it. I bought the Hoya lacunosa in August 2019 and it just started to grow more leaves a couple of months ago when it decided to stop dying.

Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ is one of the coolest looking Hoyas in my opinion. They’re slightly more colorful than most other Hoyas, especially when they grow new leaves. This one is a fast grower and is pretty easy to take care of. My plant is fairly new and still very small. I do expect it to have taken over its trellis somewhere around this time next year.

The Hoya diptera was a gift from the lady I’m trading cuttings with once in a while. She always has Hoyas I never knew existed, including this one. The foliage of Hoya diptera is kind of bland, but the flowers are super cute! They’re creamy yellow and look like little stars. I think it’s going to be a while before mine blooms, though. I got these as unrooted cuttings in May this year.

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