Growing Monilaria from seeds

The Monilaria moniliformis seeds I bought produced the smallest little seedlings I’ve seen so far!

I think one germinated in my Gibbaeum pot as well.

Germination tips: Sprinkle seeds on the surface of a moist, well draining soil mix (I’m using 100% non-clumping clay cat litter with no soil added) and keep humidity high (place in a transparent plastic bag) until the seeds germinate. Direct sun will cook the seedlings, so make sure to only give them indirect light or morning sun for the first few weeks. Immediately remove the lid/cover/bag after germination.

Update – After germination:

I watered mine once every couple of days for the first couple of months with a spray bottle, and only enough to keep the soil moist. As they started to put on weight, I let the soil dry out for a couple of days before watering again. That went on for a bit more than a year until they went dormant the following spring.

I skipped the seedling’s first dormancy because I planted my seeds in spring and not fall, like you’re supposed to do. That helped the seedlings grow big and strong enough to handle a long summer dormancy period without dying. I don’t recommend you doing this if you live in a warm climate. The rule for now is pretty much this: Water when the little bunny ears start to look sad and stop watering completely when they start to go dormant in the coming spring. And as long as they’re still small and you don’t want them to go dormant yet, don’t give them more than a couple of hours of direct sunlight every day and keep them in a cool room.

If you so succeed in keeping your Monilaria alive for one year, you can pretty much treat them as adult plants.

This is a guide on how to care for an adult Monilaria.

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