Seed haul

Pseudolithos cubiformis (now watch me kill them all by looking at them wrong)
Astrophytum asterias – cv Super Kabuto
Euphorbia obesa 

Monilaria moniliformis (the world’s cutest succulent/mesemb)
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
Conophytum pillansii
Fenestraria aurantiaca
Argyroderma aureum
Gibbaeum comptonii
Oophytum nanum
Oophytum oviforme
Cheiridopsis, mixed

I’ll sow the Pseudolithos, Astrophytum, Euphorbia, Monilaria and Gibbaeum, because these were the ones I was initially looking for. The Pseudolithos are going to be a pain to raise, but I love a good challenge!

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