Ibervillea lindheimeri, 2 days

I somehow managed to find seeds
from one of the coolest plants IMO (almost as cool as Dioscorea elephantipes. Did find seeds online with a new seller. Waiting to see if they germinate).

I’m a big sucker for caudiciforms,
but some are relatively hard to find as seeds and insanely
expensive as adult plants. I’ve seen Ibervillea in nurseries for the small price of $150.
Ibervillea is a succulent plant and will
develop a huge and round caudex as it grows older. It won’t be visible
above the soil line for a while, though. Let’s just see if I can keep these babies alive.

I bought 5 seeds, all of which germinated 11 days after sowing. They’re supposed to be sown around spring, but a grow light can usually be used to cheat the system if you can’t wait 3 whole months.

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