Hoya polyneura and its new trellis

I felt like my Hoya polyneura deserved its own trellis so I quickly made one from two pieces of wire and started training the vines to grow around it. This Hoya only has two vines right now, but it will look nice and bushy in a few months.
The veins look awesome when the sun shines through the leaves, which doesn’t happen very often because I keep this one away from direct sunlight. This plant is supposedly incredibly fussy compared to other Hoyas, but I haven’t had too much trouble keeping it alive.
It gets watered probably way too often, which means the soil is lightly moist at all times. I fertilize often, too. The leaves develop pale green spots when it wants to be fertilized and they disappear quickly when it’s been fed.
The last couple of times I used a fertilizer specifically designed for blooming plants. My Hoya polyneura then developed a couple of peduncles on the end of both vines. Maybe it was the fertilizer or maybe the weather was just right. Either way, I’m happy!

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