Hoya kerrii and Hoya macrophylla variegata

I finally found a seller in Europe with a big variety of Hoya plants, and not just the common Carnosa, Pubicalyx and Australis. I found one of my most wanted Hoya of all time, Hoya kerrii, the one most people know as Lucky-hearts or Sweetheart Hoya. These ones were bought with a bit of stem and will grow like a normal plant. They’re usually only found as single rooted leaves, that almost never grow bigger. I bought two unrooted cuttings in case one of them die for some reason.

The second plant I bought is an unrooted Hoya macrophylla variegata cutting (sold under the name, Hoya macrocarpa variegata. I have no idea if this this just a synonym). This plant will eventually take over my apartment along with the H. pubicalyx. The cutting I received was a bit too long for my taste, so I ended up splitting it into two plants.

Both sets of cuttings will be rooted in damp soil, like I did with my “krimson princess” cuttings with great success. The top of the macrophylla cutting will have to heal up for a few days before I try to root it.

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