Hoya cumingiana flowers

I caught a sweet scent across the room and went to check the plants on my window sill. And sure enough, my Hoya cumingiana’s first ever flower buds popped open today! All of my different Hoya’s flowers have unique scents and this one is especially pleasant and quite strong. It kinda smells like a juicy mango, my number one favorite fruit.

This Hoya is very fast growing and hard to control on a small trellis. I bought it in April when it looked like this and since then it has almost completely covered the trellis with its adorable leaves.

So far three of my 20 varieties of Hoya have flowered. Hoya bella smells like sugary candy, Hoya verticillata has an overpowering smell of rotten fruit in a trash can and Hoya cumingiana smells like mango. Only 17 varieties to go.

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