Hildewintera colademononis flowers!

I’ve been waiting for my Hildewintera colademononis to bloom since 2017 when I bought them as small unrooted cuttings. When I bought them, each of the cuttings were no larger than a pinky.
I really like this cactus, probably even more than most of my other cacti. I’m just a really big fan of hanging plants, especially when they don’t have to be grown indoors to thrive.
This Hildewintera loves whatever you throw at it. It loves a good amount of water in summer and also to be kept completely dry in winter. It does stretch if it’s placed in less than ideal lighting and it can burn if given too much direct sun. The placement I chose for it on my balcony seems to be perfect, with direct afternoon sun and indirect light the rest of the day in summer. In winter, when the sun hangs lower in the sky, it gets (weak) direct light all day.

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