Having a Hoya day

Today was the day of Hoyas in my home. I just received this plant stand (from IKEA) and thought it would be perfect for the Hoyas. I wanted to free up the window sills a bit and since Hoya don’t usually like being in direct sunlight all day, I thought it would be best to bring some of them a tiny bit further away from the windows. It looks so cool! Now they’re free to climb all over my walls too.

It’s been 1 year and 6 months since I bought this Hoya pubicalyx “royal Hawaiian purple” (hard to believe that it only had 6 leaves at the time!) and I haven’t repotted it at all until today.

The little pot dried out very quickly after every watering because the roots had pushed most of the dirt out of the pot and there was nothing left to keep any moisture inside. I had a lot of trouble loosening the plant from the sides of the pot. Some of the roots had attached themselves to the sides of the pot and I had to pull hard on the compacted root ball to loosen it.

This time I added a lot more organic potting soil to the mix. Hopefully it will recover in no time and grow even faster.

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