Gymnocalycium mihanovichii flower progress

My Gymnocalycium mihanovichii is flowering again! This time with 4 beautiful pink flowers ? It took a while for the buds to develop. I waited for just over a month, but it was worth it in the end.

In my opinion, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii isn’t the most pretty cactus when it’s not flowering, but this is actually one of my favorite cactus in my collection. It’s a slow grower, but it flowers easily every year if given enough sun and water. And the flowers are spectacular.

You usually see this cactus in it’s pink or yellow form, grafted to another type of cactus because it can’t photosynthesize and survive on its own. These colorful mutants, also called Moon Cactus are very commonly sold, but usually don’t survive for more than a couple of years. That’s why I’m not a fan of grafted plants.

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