Fruits on my Codiaeum variegatum (Croton)

I went in to check on my Croton this morning and clean even more dead flowers off the window sill. This time I noticed something new poking out from underneath a leaf. My Croton developed fruits on a smaller, well hidden flower stalk!

I just learned why the flowers on the two flower stalks looked different from each other, too. The flowers on the smaller flower stalk looked very uninteresting with only three small, yellowish petals. Those were apparently female flowers. The fluffy, white flowers on the large stalk were male. I must have unintentionally helped it self-pollinate when I shook the dead flowers off the bigger flower stalk and the female flowers just beneath it were hit with pollen.

You bet I’m going to try and grow Croton from seeds! I’ve read that it’s unlikely that the baby plants will resemble the mother plant. They will most likely be hybrids of different types of Croton and won’t be as colorful as the Codiaeum variegatum. In my opinion, that just makes it even more exciting.

Only a couple of weeks later, I discovered that the fruits explode when they’re ripe. One fell off the plant after a watering and I placed it in my kitchen window to keep an eye on it. The next morning I found the fruit scattered all over my window sill and one single seed had popped out. I learned from my mistake and wrapped a tea bag around the remaining seed pods to capture the seeds when they were ready to pop.

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