Cotyledon tomentosa seedlings, day 1

My Bear’s Paw seedlings germinated! The seeds were planted 4 days ago and I already see maybe 20 seedlings in there. I knew the seedlings would be tiny because the seeds were the size of your average floor dust, but it always surprises me that big plants like this can be so tiny when they germinate. The pot, I planted them in is only 10 cm wide and you can barely see the green sprouts in the diatomaceous earth, I used as soil.

I have no idea how many seeds I planted. I may end up with 300 little baby paws in this one little pot, but that won’t be a big problem because you can never have enough fuzzy succulents! Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing and how to treat them, the more seedlings you have to practice on, the better. That’s how I roll. If things go very wrong, I still have more than 40 flowers worth of seeds left. That’s just about 3.000-4.000 seeds.

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