Cabbage worm infestation

I just discovered that all of my herbs and my Pinguicula laueana was eaten by cabbage worms overnight. All that was left of my herbs were the stalks and every stalk had one or two cabbage worms attached to it. There was nothing to do but chuck all of the affected plants out.

Obviously I had to find something else to plant in my two big containers. The Aloe vera was in need of a repotting and it was already used to staying outside, so that was an obvious choice. It wasn’t affected by the cabbage worms at all either. Then I remembered that ponytail palms can grow outdoors as long as the temperature doesn’t go below 7-10 degrees C. That’s the minimum temperature on my balcony if I close the windows, even during a frosty night in winter. My ponytail palm wasn’t too happy indoors because it didn’t get enough light and its pot was slightly too small, preventing the succulent stem from growing larger. Maybe it will do better outdoors.

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