Author: helle

A huge, new leaf

Look at this huge, new Monstera leaf! Very monstrous indeed. Even though I live on the third floor, you can clearly see this plant from the parking lot and it’s still on the small side.

This is its first leaf with extra little holes in it. I guess my north facing window is bright enough for this guy.

Painting of a woodpecker in the forest

Yesterday I visited my local forest on a sunny day to get some much needed fresh air and sunshine. I’m lucky, I’m not in quarantine (yet) because of a certain rampant virus, so now is the time to enjoy being outdoors. (Edit: I was there alone, so don’t worry, there was no risk of spreading the virus or getting infected).
The sound of woodpeckers was everywhere. It’s been years since I last heard that sound and of course that inspired me to do another painting. This time, I only used a spatula to give it a rougher look. I think it turned out okay, even though I still need some practice.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.

Aloe vera at night

Today was the first clear night in months. My succulents have enjoyed a whole day of sunlight, protected from wind behind glass panes on my balcony. The built up heat allowed me to stay out there to watch my solar powered lights turn on. They don’t light up much, but my Aloe vera seems to enjoy it. It made for a nice picture, too.

Adenium obesum, 2 weeks old

The Adenium obesum seedlings are now 2 weeks old. 6 seedlings have sprouted so far. Two of the seeds ended up having some sort of mold on them and unfortunately they died off before they germinated.

I have now moved them from the grow lights to my south facing window to avoid any etiolation. I want fat little seedlings, not lanky ones.

Robin and cherry blossoms

I accidentally ordered way too much pink acrylic paint and had to think of ways to use the three tubes I received. One of the first ideas I had was to make a cute little painting of a robin in a cherry blossom tree. It worked out well, I think. Unfortunately, I still have three entire tubes of pink paint left.

Acrylic paint, 30×40 cm canvas.