Hildewintera colademononis

I just crafted myself a hanging planter for my Hildewintera colademononis to hang it on my balcony wall. It grows at lightning speed right now and the floppy stems were a bit of a hassle to deal with. Hildewintera are cold hardy and will do well out there on my frost protected balcony. Usually cacti have an easier time blooming in spring if they’re subjected to cold (not freezing, though) and are allowed to go dormant in winter.

Update on the propagation station

This is my new setup in the propagation room. The shelf thingy I bought for my living room window fit perfectly on the sills in my office/hobby room. It allows for a bit of height and even more plants. The Hoya, especially, love this room because the humidity and temperature is pretty stable – mostly because I rarely enter the room or air out.

This is a bit of an update on my newest Hoya cuttings. The cuttings I received in early August (Hoya polyneura, H. obscura and H. danumensis) are doing just fine. They all rooted without problems and are now growing fresh new leaves. My fussy Hoya polyneura almost doubled in size! The Hoya obovata variegata was moved in here as well, after I took cuttings from its stem in July. The cuttings only just started to grow new leaves, which excites me more than I want to admit!

The Nepenthes cuttings

The cuttings I took from my Nepenthes ventrata two months ago are doing okay! I lost one of the three cuttings, but the rest are alive and rooting. So far none of them have shown any new leaf growth, but the stalk I took the cuttings from is now growing fresh, green side shoots and basal shoots. I’m glad the experiment hasn’t failed completely!

I took the cuttings out of the plastic bag they were in after only a couple of weeks because I saw what looked like sooty mold on some of the leaves. One of the cuttings had already shown signs of root growth, so I just stuck them back in their old pot with wet sphagnum moss.

Monilaria moniliformis, 3 years + 6 months (repotting session)

Even more seedlings have woken up and the bunny ears grow longer every day. Right now the temperature drops to 3-7 degrees Celsius at night (it’s a couple of degrees warmer on my glass covered balcony), which is perfect for my winter growing succulents.

I realized that even though the Monilaria are growing bigger and seem to be thriving, a lot of them have died off this summer. The pot became slightly too big for the remaining plants, increasing the odds of rot. So I found this small terra-cotta pot and very carefully dug up my Monilaria and replanted them in the same old soil (diatomaceous earth cat litter). Hopefully they’re happier now.

Astrophytum asterias “super kabuto”, 3 years + 6 months

I’ve been growing cacti from seeds for a few years now and not all of them have been a success. This Astrophytum asterias “super kabuto” is now 3,5 years old, but it still looks like a tiny seedling. Its growth stalled entirely when it was a couple of months old and it never really caught up. Recently it decided to grow again from the top of the stalled growth and I’m happy about that. Let’s just see how long I get to keep this straggler.