Update on the ugly Hoya “krimson princess”

Sometimes I keep ugly plants just to give them a chance to live their lives. I wrote about the ugly version of a Hoya carnosa “krimson princess” a while ago and how its leaves are oddly distorted and look like slices of roast beef. I got these two as cuttings from the same private seller and she did say they were from two different plants. Both plants were krimson princess. One was just.. odd.

I expected the odd one to correct itself, but now 1,5 years later, it’s even uglier. The leaves aren’t as curly, but they’re still sort of distorted along the edges. And they stay meaty red, even though the sun doesn’t hit the leaves directly. The funny thing is that the regular krimson princess turned out even more beautiful than they usually are.

1 week old Croton (codiaeum) hybrid seedling

My first Croton seed germinated barely a week ago and more are popping up! Even though I know the seeds came from my colorful Codiaeum variegatum, I can’t be 100% sure the seedlings look like their mother. So I’m going to assume that these are hybrids until they grow up. I’ll most likely end up with a pot of very different plants.

It took them 2 weeks to germinate in a pot with moist potting soil, wrapped in a plastic bag to keep humidity high. I added a top layer of diatomaceous earth after germination to prevent gnats from laying eggs in the soil. 4 out of 8 seeds have germinated so far and two of the seedlings have just opened their first little leaf set.

Here’s how the Croton fruit developed.

And here’s what the mother Croton looks like.

Hoya carnosa “krimson queen”

The best thing about my Hoya carnosa “krimson queen” is the all-white leaves. They’re so adorable! I wish you could propagate and grow a whole plant with these leaves. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be possible because they lack chlorophyll and wouldn’t survive without being attached to a plant with green leaves.

This Hoya was supposed to grow much slower than my all-green plants, but it’s actually almost my fastest growing Hoya. I placed it on my south facing window sill because this one needs a lot of sun to grow. It must have been the perfect spot for it.

Hoya citrina update

The Hoya citrina cuttings I got from the nice Hoya lady in early July are thriving more than I thought they would be. They all grew roots after a week in moist soil, even without the plastic bag I usually use to raise the humidity around the plants I’m rooting. These are going to take over my apartment in no time.

Hoya citrina leaves are huge and heavy, so I had to use one of my spare round trellises to prop them up. They’re so shiny as well!

Pilea peperomioides

My Pilea peperomioides in its new pot. I had to change the pot after realizing that the roots had no space to grow in the 23 cm pot it was in previously. They started to grow out of the drainage hole and on the surface of the soil. The soil itself dried out way too quickly, even after a deep watering. Now it’s hopefully in its forever-pot. This was the biggest terra-cotta pot I could find that matched the ones my succulents grow in. It’s 30 cm in diameter and takes up so much space, but I really want this Pilea to do well!

Hoya cumingiana rescue

Have you ever felt sorry for a plant, feeling like it’s trapped on a trellis that’s way too small and claustrophobic, even though it’s.. just a plant? This Hoya cumingiana has outgrown its trellis way too long ago. Its vines are fairly stiff and won’t bend around the small trellis without snapping and some of the vines were half snapped around a tight corner before I bought it. I felt genuinely sorry for it. So I found this other small, round trellis in my stack of plant stuff and spent half an hour untangling the vines. I then gently attached it to the round trellis with orchid clamps. Now they’re about as free as they can be.

Hoya sp. Black Leaves EPC-301

The Hoya with the odd sounding name is growing the most beautiful leaves right now! The sun is giving the little white speckles a faint pink tone and I love it. This is one of the cuttings I got from the nice Hoya lady in July. It’s not growing as fast as the citrina I got from her, but the leaves look nice and healthy. So far it has grown one set of leaves since July and another set is on the way.